Al Terrence

_________________________________________________________________________________________ Al Terrence 1942


Originally established as Al Terrence Carpets, owner and founder, Al Terrence opened his doors in Huntington Park with a modest 2000 square foot showroom in 1945. As a former Vernon motorcycle police officer, Mr. Terrence had developed many relationships, and his warm personality projected into the community in this new enterprise, as well. As the years passed, Al Terrence emerged as a respected major supplier of floor covering to the Southern California market and many people felt as if they personally knew him through his personal appearances in his TV Commercials.

In 1980, the company changed its name to Target Carpet and its new mission was to focus on and specialize in servicing the property management and multi-family housing industry. Still owned and managed by the Terrence family, Target Carpet is considered to be one of the leading suppliers of floor covering throughout Southern California, maintaining a reputation for dependable and reliable service, as well as value.